The Revised P Scales now have a permanent home at http://casinclude.org.uk in theĀ Resources section. This website will remain live for a period, but won’t be updated. Please visit CAS #include for updates.

With the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2014, attainment levels were Making a glass of squash algorithm using symbolsdis-applied with the exception of those learners who are working at P Levels. In terms of Computing as a subject, there is a huge mismatch between the content of the programmes of study and the P Scales for ICT (since renamed to Computing).

To try to address this an ad hoc group of teachers, advisors and consultants has been working on updating the ICT P Scales to make them fit for purpose for the Computing Curriculum. We have created an initial draft and are now organising broader meetings for further consultation. On these pages you can view the draft framework with links to examples, plus information about upcoming meetings to continue the work.

Created by Catherine Elliott, John Galloway, Anne-Marie Medhurst and Sally Paveley (with thanks to the Bridge School), Dec. 2015

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