Upcoming Meetings/Events

SEND Computing Conference at the National STEM Centre in York – Evening session on 30th November to discuss the Revised P Scales for Computing. To enrol, click here. There is a bursary to cover the costs for teachers and TAs.

John Galloway and Catherine Elliott will also be talking about this on Wednesday, 20th January at BETT.

Previous meetings and attendees:

Friday 23rd January 2015, BETT – Attendees: John Galloway, Catherine Elliott, Sally Pavely, James Winchester, Myles Pilling, Hilary Norton, Deborah Moppett, Oona Bradley, Ben Annett, Anne-Marie Medhurst

Friday 1st May, Bridge School – Attendees: Catherine Elliott, John Galloway, Sally Pavely, Ian Lynch, Deborah Moppet, Anne-Marie Medhurst, Terry Waller

Friday 26th June 13:30 – 16:00  Institute of Education,  London – Attendees: Anne-Marie Medhurst
Hilary Norton, Ivan Pryce, Jennifer Vaughan, Jo Dilworth, John Galloway, Kathy Summerton, Lynne Castle, Sally Paveley, Terry Waller, Dan Woodman, Deborah Moppett, Febs Kurum, Wendy Martin

Wednesday 8th July 13.00 -15.30 – Red Tape Central,  Sheffield – Attendees: Catherine Elliott, Cheryl Gaughan, Matt Holmshaw, Chris Cartwright, Mike Haigh, Martin License, Liam Fitzpatrick, Jan White

Friday 18th September, 13:30-16:00

  • Red Tape Central, 50 Shoreham Street, Sheffield- Attendees: Catherine Elliott, Tricia Bennett, Daryl Bennett, Matt Holmshaw, Chris Cartwright, Mike Haigh, Clive Rockliff, Jan White
  • The Bridge School, 251 Hungerford Rd, London, N7 9LD

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